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Welcome to YUKII

“We are here For each story That wants to be told, Each tale That yearns to be shared, Each expression That wishes to inspire And each soul That seeks liberation through words.”

Yukii is a state-of-the-art publishing house that focuses fundamentally on providing a comprehensive and far-reaching platform to the writers in order to enable them to present their work to the readers in the most pleasing and enticing way.

We understand the dynamic and evolving nature of readers and hence we have decided to curate tailor-made service offerings for our clients so that they can generate a far-reaching impact with their work.

In order to achieve that, we use a comprehensive and dynamic mix of services to enable the writers reach the right target audience.


At Yukii we believe that each story is inspiring when presented the right way. When words romance aesthetics then the poignancy and impact of the narrative is unparalleled. We provide the most dynamic and far-reaching platform to our writers so that we can enable them to take their work to the right audience in the most impactful way. We offer an array of services tailor-made to suit the needs and requirements of our esteemed clients. Our service mix is tailor-made to suit the requirements of our esteemed clients. The writer can choose from the below-mentioned modes of services and convey the same to us with their bitcoin mixing tools  manuscript for further deliberations with our team. Upon receiving a manuscript, the client is sent a letter of intent in which all the details pertaining to our service mix are expounded. An overview of our service mix is elucidated below:-
Format: Epub/ ebook/ paperback
Languages: English/ Hindi/Punjabi

Traditional method

In this method, the respective manuscripts are solicited and screened henceforth. The shortlisted manuscripts and their respective writers are intimated about their selection. Upon further correspondence between the writer and our representatives, the manuscript editing work is put in motion.

Dynamic method

In order to expedite the various stages of the publishing process such as editing, designing and publishing are anchored to appropriate timelines. Pre determined marketing efforts are undertaken by our publishing house to bolster the reach of our client’s work.

Self publishing

This option is best suited for those who wish to publish their work under their name. Herein, we provide the editing, designing and compiling services to our clients and assist them in publishing their work under their own name.

Direct publishing

Writers who wish to publish their work directly on e portals and as paperback without undergoing any other stages of editing, designing or compiling can directly publish their work by choosing this option.


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